Rapper Busiswa Recounts How She Suffers In The Hands Of Two Ex

South African female rapper, Busiswa has taken to social media revealing all the sufferings experienced in the hands of her baby daddy and another ex-boyfriend in 6 years.

She made it known that she was abused financially by her baby daddy, who still beat her up after breaking up.

“In the years between 2013 and 2019, I was in, not one but two abusive relationships.

The first was with Sfiso Mazibuko who abused me physically, psychologically and emotionally.

The second was with Katlego Mlangeni, who is the father of my child.

He abused me physically, emotionally, financially, not only while we were in a relationship but he came after me four months after our break up to beat me up once again after seeing me out with someone else.”

Busiswa said the purpose of spilling the tea, isn’t to make her abusers known, but to address the rampant ugly deeds in SA, which is Gender Based Violence (GBV).

“I’m not making this video to speak about these to individuals. I’m making this video to talk about gender-based violence but also, to talk to women and girls who have or may ever find themselves in those situations.” She continued.

“When I first got hit by a man, my first thoughts were not anger but pity. I was in love and I thought the person that I was in love with was going through some things and I felt I needed to help them get through those things.”

“I’m here to say to ladies who are in abusive relationships or who’ll ever come across that situation, God forbid. You can’t. It’s not your place, it’s not your responsibility, it’s not your job to change an abuser.”

“When I was in abusive relationships. Initially, I kept it a secret. I didn’t tell anybody to protect the person I was with at the time. I also didn’t want anybody to think that I am weak. How could confident, strong, empowered Busiswa be in an abusive relationship? I’ve since come to learn that it happens to anyone, in any status of life, from all walks of life.”

The star made it known that there were days she would perform in a gig after been slapped, and would pretend like all is fine. However, she’s urged victims like her to stay off abusers and not be ashamed to talk about it.

All of these experiences were detailed in 3 videos shared on Instagram.

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