Fear Catches Nadia Nakai’s Fans After Revealing Plans To Stop Rapping

Over 1 hour ago, the rapper dropped a teaser of her new TV show to premiere on the 25th of November, 2020.

In one of the scenes in the video, Bragga was seen telling her guest that

“I don’t think I wanna rap now, I just want to make money.”

“Not Bragga saying she doesn’t want to rap anymore.

Congratulations @Nadia_nakai on your new ventures you were born to be great it’s been forever you deserve all the blessings coming your way God bless your hustle,” the fan commented.

Nadia reacted to the saying she shouldn’t be misunderstood, but watch full clip before making such claim.

“You gonna have to watch the full episode to know what I meant lol.”

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