Faith Nketsi Talks About Having A Miscarriage After Cheating On Thami Yabo

Faith Nketsi reality TV show season two kicked off really well and her fans are happy with the angle she is coming in.

The star announced that “Have Faith” season two would return on the screen and yes it did as the reality show premiered on November 2 interview style.

The show gave an insight of what the viewers should expect from it and also gave the chance to introduce new cast members who are Pro-twerkers known to be Faith’s friends and cousin.

The first episode showed how transparent and sincere Faith is as she stated she is not holding back on anything but the truth.

In Season one, Faith revealed Thami Yabo who is a businessman is the man in her life currently but in her new season, she made it known that she cheated on him with a more wealthy man.

She however got pregnant for the wealthy man but he left her and her unborn child.

Thinking that was all, she got to know that he is cheating with her with three other girls in the industry and he is mostly known to be dating multiple women.

This broke Faith’s heart most especially when the man started giving her space leaving her and her baby. Due to this, she suffered a miscarriage and her life became miserable.

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