After A Break In, South African Hip Hop Museum Was Destroyed

It has been reported that the newly invented SA Hip Hop Museum has been destroyed.

The Museum was officially opened last year has been destroyed after a break in.

Confirmed by one of the inventors Rashid Kay the museum was broken into this past Friday leaching it severely destroyed.

“Inside the South African Hip Hop Museum , we can’t wait to show you guys the space, your kids kids kids will be coming here to learn about the history.”

Well, it looks like things changed as as the newly built museum was left destroyed after an unexpected break in.

The South African Hip Hop Museum reportedly spent 2.6 million rand to get off the ground from the Ritual Media Group founder, Menoe.

Everything in the Johannesburg , Newton based museum was destroyed and stolen. The loss is estimated to have amounted to the sum of over R3.5 million.

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