K.O Says He Let his Work Do The Bragging

SA rapper, K.O claims he doesn’t brag but his works does it. Taking to Twitter this Monday, the star says he’s got a pure heart, as he wants to see all artists win.

He said that whether he’s being supported or not, he will get all his wins.

In His Words;

“My heart is pure and I truly just wanna see all of us win! If your agenda goes against that the universe has a nice way of humbling you, just know.

I will get mines regardless whether they with me/against me. I don’t have to brag, my work does all the bragging for me. Gang!”

We can say K.O is almost right with his claim, as his works indeed got his name in the mouths of South Africans.

The rapper is said to have a huge come-back this year with his music career, and it’s bagged him a SAMA win alongside Nandi Madida.


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