Master KG Replies Ntsiki Mazwai’s “50% ownership of Jerusalema”

This is following after Ntsiki Mazwai’s suggestion about the ownership of the hit song, “Jerusalema”.

This suggestion made the musician trend for hours on Twitter. Master KG on the other hand asked the poet her motives behind the suggestion.

According to Ntsiki’s suggestion, she stated that Nomcebo should be given equal right and pay with Master KG from the song as she reasoned Nomcebo wrote the lyrics and provided vocals for the global hit, she “deserved” 50% ownership of the song.

She also said if the splitting is not possible, then she hopes Master KG paid her for the session.

“Master KG did the beat. Nomcebo did the vocals. That’s a 50/50 split. I hope Master KG paid her for the session ke since it’s his song only”

However, this lead to a lot of chaos on social media as some of the users were in support of her suggestion while others dragged for for putting her nose into something that does not concern her.

Some even questioned her knowledge on music and if she understands what it means for an artist to be “featured” on a song just like the case of Master KG and Nomcebo on “Jerusalema”.

Master KG also respond with;

“There are so many songs in this world where people are featured and I never saw you or anyone saying this. Or is there something behind what you saying? Anyway, bless up my sister. One love.”

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